As the fervor of our latest Red Scare grows, it’s getting harder to find voices of sanity on Russian affairs. Here are a few worth heeding.

– SB

1. Keith Gessen

Born in Russia and raised in the U.S., Keith has won justified acclaim a journalist, editor, translator, and fiction writer. His Russia-related reporting and commentary is stellar — his March 2017 long read for the Guardian, “Killer, kleptocrat, genius, spy: the many myths of Vladimir Putin,” is a case in point.

Follow his work via Twitter, the excellent journal n+1 (which he co-founded), the New Yorker, and elsewhere.

2. Maxim Tryudolyubov

Maxim is a Senior Fellow at the Kennan Institute, Editor-at-Large of the Russian daily Vedomosti, and a regular columnist for the International New York Times.

Follow him via Twitter and his Kennan Institute blog, the Russia File.

3. Nicolai Petro

Nicolai is a professor of comparative and international politics at the University of Rhode Island, and a frequent speaker at the Carnegie Council, particularly on Ukrainian politics and the current war. Broad-minded, deeply informed, and clearest where most are full of cant.

Read his work at the National Interest and listen via the Carnegie Council podcasts.

4. Sean Guillory

Sean is a journalist and Russian historian with a Ph.D. from UCLA. His blog is full of useful insights and discoveries — on Russian culture and history as well as politics — but the accompanying podcast is pure gold.

5. Russia Matters

A project of the Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center (and under the direction of my former Moscow Times colleague Simon Saradzhan), Russia Matters provides useful news roundups, original analysis, and commentary, with a focus on dispelling myths.

Feature image from the British Library